Borrowing from family and friends

What should you do before you borrow from, or lend money to, family or friends?

Sarah Pennells Sarah Pennells
24 May 2019

Giving away money while you’re alive

If you want to help your children or grandchildren with money for a deposit, cash towards their rent or money when they get married, what do the rules say about what you can give away without having to worry about inheritance tax?

Sarah Pennells Sarah Pennells
06 Feb 2019

Saving money on your shopping

Do you end up wasting money by throwing food away? Or perhaps you’re an impulse buyer who buys things you don’t need. Find out how to make your money go further with these tips.

Sarah Pennells Sarah Pennells
19 Dec 2018

How the education experts motivate kids to learn about money

Tips for parents on teaching their children about money

Holly Black Holly Black
30 Nov 2018

How investing is teaching children about money - and life

A hands-on approach to more complex financial concepts

Rachel Lacey Rachel Lacey
21 Nov 2018

Travel more, spend less: top holiday money-saving tips

Ways to travel without breaking the bank

Holly Thomas Holly Thomas
20 Nov 2018

The right royal cost of having a baby

Money matters for new mums and dads

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
30 Oct 2018

Seven steps to better financial health

Life is easier when you’re in good shape and ‘slow and steady’ is the way to make a difference.

Financial Wellness Financial Wellness
25 Sep 2018

Five conversations to have before you get hitched

Is your Valentine “the One”?

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
01 Feb 2018

Financial experts divulge their biggest money mistakes

Fund managers, financial advisers and industry observers reveal their biggest money mistakes.

Rob Griffin Rob Griffin
19 Jan 2018

The top 10 money bloggers' guide to making and saving money in 2017

Looking for advice on how to save money? Here are 10 people who can help.

Andy Webb Andy Webb
19 Jan 2018

Top 20 money-saving websites

20 websites that can help you save money

Ruth Jackson Ruth Jackson
19 Jan 2018

Using a spending diary

Here’s a great way of pinpointing where money’s slipping through your fingers.

Sarah Pennells Sarah Pennells
19 Jan 2018

Getting to grips with budget – how to draw up a budget

Budgeting can seem baffling at first. But it’s a good way of taking more control of your money.

Sarah Pennells Sarah Pennells
19 Jan 2018

How to make a budget

Will the budget you’ve created really help you to reach your financial goals?

Emma Lunn Emma Lunn
19 Jan 2018

‘How I saved £20,000 in one year’

One savvy spender trimmed her outgoings and boosted her savings.

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
21 Nov 2017

10 things you need to know about credit cards

A guide to the 10 things you need to know about your flexible friend.

Ruth Jackson Ruth Jackson
10 Nov 2017

Women: what I would tell my younger self about money

Moneywise readers give their top money advice for women in their 20s.

Moira O’Neill Moira O’Neill
09 Nov 2017

Are your debts getting out of control?

Why it’s essential you prioritise your debts.

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
07 Nov 2017

10 practical tips from my year of spending nothing

A year of not spending changed my finances and my relationship with money for the better.

Michelle McGagh Michelle McGagh
01 Nov 2017

5 simple budgeting tips

Stick to a budget and you’ll be better off.

Ed Monk Ed Monk
24 Oct 2017

How to get help with debt problems

In a squeeze? Take these simple steps and you’ll soon feel better about your finances.

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
24 Oct 2017

How to pay off debt—and save too

Getting the right balance when it comes to paying off debt and saving can be tricky. Here's a step-by-step guide.

By Fidelity Viewpoints By Fidelity Viewpoints
24 Oct 2017

Protect what’s yours

Make sure that you and your family are taken care of should the worst happen.

Ed Monk Ed Monk
24 Oct 2017

Does a bad credit rating really matter?

Does a bad credit rating matter? In a word, yes.

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
24 Oct 2017

How to prepare for 3 personal finance nightmares

Review some steps you can take now to help you sleep easier later.

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
24 Oct 2017

How long could you survive if you lost your job?

Losing your job can change your life. But there are some simple steps you can take now to come out of it a survivor.

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
24 Oct 2017

6 ways to boost your credit score

Your credit score is one of your most valuable assets, so make sure you take good care of it.

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
24 Oct 2017

How to cut the cost of childcare

Can you afford not to go back to work? Here’s how to cut the costs of childcare.

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
24 Oct 2017

50 /15/5: A saving and spending rule of thumb

It isn't about managing every penny. See where your money goes using three categories.

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
16 Oct 2017