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Diversity and inclusion matters

" Our rich diversity is a huge strength and critical to our business success. Working in an inclusive environment allows us to be ourselves, which helps collaboration and drives innovation, all of which builds better customer experiences."

Anne Richards, CEO, Fidelity International

We believe Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) helps shape our performance and the service you receive. So, we deliver mandatory training, roll-out inclusive policies and processes to let our people thrive, and encourage our people to put our commitments into action; we hold our suppliers to similarly high standards; we collaborate sector-wide; we lend our support across communities; we raise awareness where we can and we celebrate the positive steps we make. Quite simply, D&I matters at Fidelity. Here's what we're doing.

A focused approach

To make sure we're able to deliver real change we're concentrating on five global priorities.

Cultural diversity

We respect different cultures, nationalities, ethnicities and beliefs.


We embrace our people for who they are, and recognise sexual orientation or gender identity and expression as a part of everyone’s identity.


We recognise how important it is to improve accessibility and enablement for our customers with disabilities and health conditions.


We know that addressing any gender imbalances - in terms of representation and pay gap - is not just the right thing to do; we also believe it makes commercial sense.

Social Mobility

We believe that talent, determination and core values should decide someone's career, not their social or economic background.

We do more than talk, we take action

Our activities include extensive campaign and awareness work, events, programmes, collaborations and partnerships. To drive through change, our D&I efforts are championed by senior leadership members and our D&I Networks where we bring together employees with a shared interest in one of our D&I Strands into community. They play a key role in shaping and realising our global D&I Strategy.

We make sure we monitor our activity too. It shows how far we've come, yet we're happy to put our hand up and say that we've still got some way to go.

Measuring up

We’re convinced that our diversity makes us a better company to work for and do business with. It really matters to us and it’s why we have a series of measures to keep us on track.

  • Objectives - each D&I priority has defined objectives incorporated into our business goals.
  • Targets - to continuously improve our performance, we set goals and targets.
  • Reviews - we use data to track progress, as well as measure (voluntarily and confidentially) and audit our performance to drive continuous improvement.
  • Accountability - we hold senior leaders accountable for our D&I progress.
  • Customer experience - we assess and continuously improve our customer experience to meet the needs of all our diverse customer base.

Committed to the cause

We've signed up to a number of public commitments to show just how dedicated we are to D&I at Fidelity.

  • The Valuable 500 which commits to making disability inclusion a board-room level initiative.
  • The Department for Work and Pensions Disability Confident Leader
  • The Race at Work Charter
  • The Women in Finance Charter
  • The UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business

Our campaigns

Here's a taste of some of the work that we're particularly proud of.