We published our study, The Financial Power of Women, to understand men and women’s attitudes towards investment. It revealed that the majority of women feel prevented from accessing the word of investing. Part of this relates to the differences between how men and women engage with money at home. Our research found that three in five (61%) women said they earned less than their partner, yet, while they earn less, we found little difference between how men and women spend disposable income – apart from spending on technology or investment. In both these cases, men spend nearly twice as much.

So, if men are able to and choose to invest, why don’t women? Put simply, if we were to invest more, over time this could generate the income we need to help us reach an equal financial footing with men. This would be transformative not only for women, but for society as a whole.

It’s not the case that women do not recognise the importance of investing. In fact, two thirds of women said they thought investment could build up their financial strength. They just need help to overcome the barriers that stop them from doing so.

Our research identified four factors that would have the greatest impact: 

  1. A salary increase: A third (29%) of women said that a salary increase would encourage them to invest more. This was even more pronounced among those with less financially.
  2. Reduced household costs. A quarter (23%) of women said that a reduction in household costs would help them to invest more each month.
  3. Less work. Half of women (48%) said that less time at work would mean they would have the space needed to invest more.
  4. Fewer household chores. A third of women (29%) said fewer household chores would free up time needed to engage with investing.

These are not challenges that are easy to overcome, but they do make clear that supporting women to invest rests on overcoming both financial and domestic pressures. We are committed to unlocking women’s financial power, and have dedicated content to set out specific solutions to ensure the barriers once holding women back are no longer in place. We hope our ‘GET INvested’ campaign will inspire people to take action and benefit from investing.

Unlocking women's financial power

Maike Currie and Tom Stevenson explain the thinking behind Fidelity’s GET INvested campaign.

The financial power of women

More details on Fidelity’s state of the nation report into the barriers stopping women from investing. Together we can help women unlock their financial power.


Important information

Please note the value of investments can go down as well as up, and you may not get back what you invest. This information is not a personal recommendation for any particular investment. If you are unsure of the suitability of an investment you should speak to an authorised financial adviser.


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