Making a withdrawal

You can withdraw the full value of your savings when you retire or if you change employers. Any withdrawal requests should be requested securely via your PlanViewer account, and can take a number weeks to complete.

What we’ll need from you

In order to verify your identity, we’ll ask you to provide copies of your personal documents. Withdrawal applications forwarded to us by your employer or the plan trustees will need to include printed copies of your verification documents.

To verify your identity
To verify your address
To verify your bank account

Once we’ve received an authorised withdrawal form with copies of your personal documents, we will process the application immediately. However, if the request is missing information or is otherwise delayed we suggest that you review how your funds are invested and consider switching into more secure assets. This is important if you are concerned about fluctuations in the market, which could result in a reduction of the amount you might receive from your withdrawal.

Transferring out

Once you have left the Company, it may be possible to transfer any vested benefits to another retirement savings plan. You will need to check local laws permitting such transfers and gain Trustee consent. We recommend that you seek professional financial advice first. If you wish to proceed with a transfer, please complete the Application Transfer Form found within the Forms and Documents section on your PlanViewer account.