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In perspectives

Our UK experts offer their insights into global markets and investing.

Lockdown overload: is the UK’s energy industry at breaking point?

Cracks emerging as BP, Shell and National Grid adapt to new world order

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
24 Jun 2020

Three lockdown money lessons

What lockdown has taught me

Jonathan Wright Jonathan Wright
17 Jun 2020

A second bite of the cherry

The rally has given investors another chance to Covid-proof their portfolio

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
04 Jun 2020

What happens if rates fall below zero?

Why would anyone lend money if it means a guaranteed loss?

Ed Monk Ed Monk
27 May 2020

Be cautious about the recovery

There are still big hurdles to overcome

Daniel Lane Daniel Lane
21 May 2020

Coronavirus: Avoiding the panic

Eight top tips to help you manage your retirement savings during these turbulent times

Maike Currie Maike Currie
17 Apr 2020

Markets bounce as minds turn to exit strategies

In truth, the path from here is unclear while key questions remain

Ed Monk Ed Monk
06 Apr 2020

History tells us we are nowhere near the bottom

Understanding bear markets of the past

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
01 Apr 2020

Oil industry’s day of reckoning is on the cards

When it comes to industry there are already obvious survivors, as well as a whole host of losers, as a direct result of the pandemic

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
31 Mar 2020

Will Covid-19 change Chinese consumption?

Recovery could split sectors’ fortunes

Daniel Lane Daniel Lane
27 Mar 2020

Seven steps to investing through a crisis

How one manager Corona-proofed his portfolio

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
25 Mar 2020

World’s attitude to public spending has shifted

Our response to recent events is like a bereavement

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
24 Mar 2020

Mapping the post-virus future

It’s early days yet but history provides some guidance

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
19 Mar 2020

Andrew McCaffery, Romain Boscher and Steve Ellis on oil crash, volatility and what's next

Cool heads episode 12: Fidelity CIOs on oil crash, volatility and what's next

Fidelity Fidelity
10 Mar 2020

Oil woes add to the market turbulence

How can you keep a cool head when markets lose theirs?

Ed Monk Ed Monk
09 Mar 2020

Amit Lodha and Judith Finegold on the global spread of coronavirus

Cool Heads Episode 11: Global spread of coronavirus

Fidelity Fidelity
27 Feb 2020

Lynda Zhou, Judith Finegold and Amit Lodha on the impact of the coronavirus

Cool Heads Episode 10: Coronavirus impact

Fidelity Fidelity
05 Feb 2020

What investors know now the election is over - and what they don’t

Did you get what you wanted from the Christmas election?

Ed Monk Ed Monk
13 Dec 2019

Ned Salter and Velislava Dimitrova on how investors get climate change wrong

Cool Heads Episode 8: Climate change

Fidelity Fidelity
03 Dec 2019

Romain Boscher and Marty Dropkin on earnings and consumer strength

Cool Heads Episode 7: The earnings recovery

Fidelity Fidelity
31 Oct 2019

Sajiv Vaid and Charlotte Harington on today's Fed meeting and interest rates

Cool Heads Episode 6: Rates

Fidelity Fidelity
30 Oct 2019

Ian Samson and Andrea Iannelli on growth and inflation

Cool Heads Episode 5: Growth and inflation

Fidelity Fidelity
24 Oct 2019

Tim Foster and Charlotte Harington on sterling and the UK economy

Cool Heads Episode 4: Sterling

Fidelity Fidelity
23 Oct 2019

Bill McQuaker and Charlotte Harington on geopolitical risk

Cool Heads Episode 3: Global geopolitical risk

Fidelity Fidelity
22 Oct 2019

Brexit fallout: The impact on the UK and EU

Cool Heads Episode 2: Brexit impact on UK and European investing

Fidelity Fidelity
17 Oct 2019

Anne Richards on Brexit and market fragmentation

Cool Heads Episode 1: Brexit scenarios and market fragmentation

Fidelity Fidelity
16 Oct 2019

What if Brexit is called off?

Preparing for all eventualities

Graham Smith Graham Smith
20 Feb 2019

Jobs and wages boost

But should UK investors care?

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
19 Feb 2019


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