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Our UK experts offer their insights into global markets and investing.

Wage growth falls - again

Stagnating pay packets bring little Christmas cheer for consumers

Maike Currie Maike Currie
15 Nov 2017

Inflation: has it peaked?

Rising prices add to the UK’s woes but the worst may now be over

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
15 Nov 2017

Equal pay, equal pensions

The spending power of China’s consumers

Maike Currie Maike Currie
10 Nov 2017

Retailers: time for some Christmas cheer?

Squeezed UK shoppers reduce their spending

Maike Currie Maike Currie
07 Nov 2017

Black Monday: 30 years on

There are some parallels but no reason to expect a repeat of 1987.

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
18 Oct 2017

Inflation: the winners & losers

Five important things you should know about today’s inflation figure.

Maike Currie Maike Currie
17 Oct 2017

Earnings season: what’s in store?

Investors look through hurricane impact.

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
12 Oct 2017


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