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In perspectives

Our UK experts offer their insights into global markets and investing.

I’m turning 30, here’s how I’m planning for the long term

What you can do now to help your future self

Daniel Lane Daniel Lane
29 Aug 2019

Adult children stuck in the nest

ONS survey shows the challenges facing young people

Daniel Lane Daniel Lane
21 Feb 2019

What if Brexit is called off?

Preparing for all eventualities

Graham Smith Graham Smith
20 Feb 2019

Jobs and wages boost

But should UK investors care?

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
19 Feb 2019

The Brexit Budget

The Chancellor plays a limited hand with skill

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
29 Oct 2018

Wage growth falls - again

Stagnating pay packets bring little Christmas cheer for consumers

Maike Currie Maike Currie
15 Nov 2017

Inflation: has it peaked?

Rising prices add to the UK’s woes but the worst may now be over

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
15 Nov 2017

Equal pay, equal pensions

The spending power of China’s consumers

Maike Currie Maike Currie
10 Nov 2017

Retailers: time for some Christmas cheer?

Squeezed UK shoppers reduce their spending

Maike Currie Maike Currie
07 Nov 2017

Black Monday: 30 years on

There are some parallels but no reason to expect a repeat of 1987.

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
18 Oct 2017

Earnings season: what’s in store?

Investors look through hurricane impact.

Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson
12 Oct 2017


Whether you’re just starting to save, thinking about how to take money out of your pension, or working out how to make your income last, our UK experts offer their insights into the ever changing world of pensions.

Which gifts to family are caught by Inheritance Tax?

Wanting to give money to children is a natural instinct for many families.

Ed Monk Ed Monk
17 Sep 2019

Could you work until age 75?

How do you picture your life at age 75? Whatever it looks like, I’ll bet it doesn’t include getting up and going to work.

Ed Monk Ed Monk
12 Sep 2019

What happens to my pension when I die?

A guide on the next steps

Ed Monk Ed Monk
04 Jun 2019

Taxman takes more in ‘Death Tax’

But there may be ways to avoid it

Ed Monk Ed Monk
29 Apr 2019

Why you may soon be paying more into a pension

Changes to auto-enrolment may up your contributions

Ed Monk Ed Monk
21 Feb 2019

Pensions Dashboard – your retirement plans at your fingertips

Do you know how much is in your pension right now?

Ed Monk Ed Monk
07 Dec 2018

Is your retirement income on target?

Our new tools provide a deeper look at your saving

Ed Monk Ed Monk
28 Nov 2018

Have you checked when you’ll get your State Pension?

Some women born in the 1950s have been left waiting

Ed Monk Ed Monk
21 Nov 2018

Avoiding 'emergency' tax on pensions

Reclaiming tax means waiting for cash

Ed Monk Ed Monk
13 Nov 2018

Will the Budget target tax relief on pensions?

Perks that help the rich may be reduced

Ed Monk Ed Monk
25 Oct 2018

Pension transfers in the spotlight

Regulators are concerned about those giving up 'final salary' schemes

Ed Monk Ed Monk
17 Oct 2018

Pension limits: a secret tax grab

New figures show thousands sleepwalking into extra tax

Ed Monk Ed Monk
16 Oct 2018

Pension scams: £91,000 gone in a second

Shocking new crime statistic

Ed Monk Ed Monk
16 Oct 2018

More of us are saving - but saving less

Why amounts being saved are falling

Ed Monk Ed Monk
01 Oct 2018

How does your retirement income compare to the state pension?

Putting retirement income into perspective

Financial Wellness Financial Wellness
18 Jul 2018

Should you pay for retirement advice?

Six questions to ask

Ed Monk Ed Monk
13 Jun 2018

The 1% challenge: look out for Future You

A new Fidelity tool shows the power…

Ed Monk Ed Monk
29 Apr 2018

Pension drawdown or ISA? Which to take first

Managing your retirement Income

Ed Monk Ed Monk
23 Apr 2018

Under 50? Your state pension is being squeezed

A worrying update on National Insurance

Ed Monk Ed Monk
25 Jan 2018

Self-employed left behind on pensions

The Government scheme helping millions is out of the reach

Ed Monk Ed Monk
08 Jan 2018

A £1,165 pension injection for just £520

Opting out of pension saving may be more costly than you think

Ed Monk Ed Monk
14 Dec 2017

Don’t underestimate the very old

Increasing life-expectancy is changing what the world looks like.

Ed Monk Ed Monk
19 Nov 2017

Why you’re not too young to start a pension

How to use youth to your advantage

Emma-Lou Montgomery Emma-Lou Montgomery
10 Nov 2017

Why tomorrow's pensioners should toast this Nobel prize winner

‘Nudge’ theory has created millions more pension savers.

Ed Monk Ed Monk
13 Oct 2017

Pension saving to keep more Child Benefit

Some parents can claw back lost Child Benefit if they save more for retirement.

Ed Monk Ed Monk
21 Sep 2017

Credit crunch 10 years on - the hidden cost of the crisis

The impact on those reaching retirement today

Ed Monk Ed Monk
31 Aug 2017

Children of the 70s made to wait for their pension

A faster rise in the state pension age has been confirmed.

Ed Monk Ed Monk
20 Jul 2017