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Investment Pathways FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Investment Pathways.

Information about the Investment Pathways - what they are; what retirement goals they align to and what they invest in - can be found on our Investment Pathways page.

Do I have access to Fidelity’s Investment Pathways
Can I invest some of my pension in an Investment Pathway and choose my own funds for the rest?
What happens to my Investment Pathway after I have held it for five years?
Is there a minimum amount I have to invest in an Investment Pathway?
What if the Investment Pathway I have chosen is no longer right for my retirement plans?
Do I have to hold an Investment Pathway for five years?
Can I still set up an annuity if I choose an Investment Pathway?
Can I take an income from the Investment Pathways?
Can I move my Investment Pathway to another pension provider?
Can I split my drawdown money between different Investment Pathways or do I have to choose just one?
What charges will I pay for an Investment Pathway?