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Your money, your future

You’re already saving into a pension - and your future-self thanks you. But what does it mean? Where does your money go, and why does it matter? Invest a little time in yourself and find out.

What is a pension?

In the time it takes to boil an egg, you could make the first steps that will get you set up for the future you deserve.

In this pension sessions video, discover what it means to be enrolled into a pension, how to ensure you are saving enough and why now is the time to take control of your investment journey.

Watch time: 7 min 42 seconds

Financial habits for life

Hear from financial expert Clare Seal about how developing good habits can keep you on track for healthy finances, even when life gets unpredictable.

First steps

Feeling inspired and want to take action right now?


Step 1: Register for PlanViewer

Quick, convenient and secure. Keep track of your pension savings with your online account, PlanViewer.


Step 2: Make the most of the time you have

The sooner you invest the more you could end up with. It’s all down to something called ‘compounding’.


Step 3: Maximise your pension savings

These three simple tips could help you reach your future goals.

Keeping track of multiple pensions?

If you've worked in a few places then chances are you already have multiple pensions. It's fine to keep these separate, but there can be benefits to bringing them together into your Fidelity pension plan. 

Having one pension means one set of admin and one set of costs and charges. Before you decide, you should compare the benefits, charges and features of your pension plans as pension transfers can be complex and might not be suitable for everyone.

Find out about transferring pensions

What next?

Invest in Yourself

We caught up with real people to find out how they balance the demands of today with the need to invest in their future selves.

Tick something off your list

Take a look at your pension checklist and find out what you can do today that will benefit you in the future.

Pay more into your pension

Use our calculator to see how a small change today can make a big difference to your pension pot tomorrow.