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Check and update my contact details

Important information on how to check and update your personal details for your workplace pension.

It is estimated that the value of lost pension pots in the UK has reached more than £26 billion with over 2.8 million pension pots considered lost1. That's why if you've moved home, got a new phone number, changed your email address or other personal details, it's important to update your workplace pension. It also means you don't miss anything important, like your annual benefit statement. 

Depending on your plan, you may be able to update your details online in PlanViewer. Or you may need to call us so we can help. Either way we’ve put together some tips for the most common questions. 

Source1 - Pensions Policy Institute, PPI Briefing Note Number 134, Lost Pensions 2022: What’s the scale and impact?

How do I update my personal details online?
How do I update my address or contact details?
How do I update my name?
How do I update my date of birth?
How do I update my gender?
How do I update my National Insurance number?
How do I update my email address?
How do I update my title?
How do I update my marital status?
What if I don't have a passport or driving licence?
Do you accept documents that aren’t in English?

Important information when sending supporting documents

If sending a certified copy of a document, this must be signed by an independent person (who's not a member of your immediate family) who is one of the following:

  • A member of staff from a regulated financial services business 
  • A barrister, solicitor or notary public 
  • A judge or magistrate 
  • A chartered accountant 
  • A financial adviser authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority 
  • A police or customs officer 
  • A GP or dentist 
  • A teacher 

All certified documentation should clearly show: 

  • The words "I have seen the original document and I certify this to be a true copy of the original"  
  • In the case of government-issued documents containing photographs, this should also state that the photograph is a true likeness of the individual
  • The certifier's signature and printed name in full  
  • The date of signing  
  • Details of the certifier's professional capacity/job title  
  • The certifier's full address and postcode  
  • The certifier's telephone number  

Please send these to: 

Fidelity Pensions Management 
Beech Gate 
Millfield Lane 
KT20 6RP 
United Kingdom