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Your Financial Wellness

Feel more confident about your finances

We understand how important financial wellness is for everyone. It underpins everything we do at Fidelity, and it’s why we want to give you the support, insights and ideas to take control of the simple day to day things you can do to feel good about your money today and in the future.

Understanding Financial Wellness

Improving your financial future doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Start by taking small steps in four key domains: budgeting, debt, savings and protection.

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Check your financial fitness

Is your financial fitness score as good as it can be? Our interactive tool can help support you on your personal financial wellness journey by showing you how you’re performing across budgeting, savings, debt and protection, and giving you individual tips on what you’re doing well and where you could improve, in just a few minutes.

You can learn more about starting out, hitting your stride, and gain tips to help you maximise your money across the four domains with our simple, downloadable overview.


You can build a solid financial foundation by establishing a realistic budget and paying off any debt and high interest credit cards. These are all small steps to helping you improve your financial wellness.

We’ve created several articles to help you start thinking about budgeting and your possible future needs.


Having savings goals in place can help set you up for important life moments such as buying a house, helping a family member pay for university, or being able to afford a certain lifestyle in retirement. Identifying these goals early on can help you to achieve financial wellness in the future.

Our savings articles are full of handy tips to help you think about how you might reach your personal goals.


High levels of debt and monthly repayments can erode income and reduce savings. Higher interest borrowing should be limited, but prudent borrowing can be a good way to build a positive credit rating and improve access to credit, as well as future borrowing rates.

Take a look at our articles to find out what you need to know about how debt works and how it could impact you.


Financial wellness also means being as prepared as possible for potential financial shocks or losses. Whether you are facing a temporary or permanent financial loss, or loss of control as a result of an unexpected event, it may help to have some emergency savings and protection in place.

Explore the different types of protection that might be helpful for you in our selection of articles.

Are you on the right road to retirement?

The journey to retirement is different and unique for everyone. You may want to break for a couple of years before finding a new adventure, or you may plan to work in retirement. You may simply want to spend more time with the family. Whatever your retirement journey looks like, we’re here to help you.