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Tools & calculators

Our tools and calculators can help you work out how healthy your finances are today and how much you should be saving for tomorrow.

Important information - Please note that these guidance tools are not a personal recommendation in respect of a particular investment. If you need additional help, please speak to an authorised financial adviser. You should regularly reassess the suitability of your investments to ensure they continue to meet your attitude to risk and investment goals.

Our tools are designed to be easy to use, but the data and research that we use to develop them is detailed and thorough. To understand our tools, and your results, take a look at the ‘assumptions’ that each tool uses. Everyone’s situation is unique, and your circumstances might be different from these assumptions, the tools are a guide and not intended to be a personal recommendation.

Financial health check

We’ll ask you some questions about your situation in four key areas of financial wellness - budgeting, debt, savings and financial protection. It should take about 15 minutes to complete. We’ll then give you a score based on your answers, show you where you are doing well and give you some hints and tips to help you improve your score.

You can download your score and see if you can beat it next time.

Check your financial health now

Are you on the right road to retirement?

Three quick tools to give you some simple ‘rules of thumb’. You’ll learn how much you need to retire, how much you should be saving each year, and how you can make your savings last. 

While the tools are simple to use, the research we’ve carried out analyses national income and expenditure rates and makes some general assumptions. The rules of thumb are easy to remember so you can apply them when you’re thinking about your retirement savings.

Get your retirement rules of thumb

Should you pay more into your pension?

Use the calculator to see how a small increase in your workplace pension contributions today can make a big difference to your pension pot tomorrow.

The power of small amounts

The government's Pension Wise service offers free, impartial guidance to help you understand your options at retirement. You can access the guidance online or over the telephone on 0800 138 3944.