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Women & Money

Giving women the tools and information to invest for retirement with confidence.

Financially empowering women

For the past few years, we’ve been working hard to understand, share and address the many challenges women face when it comes to saving for the future. We want to help close the gap between women and men when it comes to saving for retirement by giving women the tools and information to invest for retirement with confidence. It’s one of the reasons we've created this dedicated space.

The importance of financial independence

As part of our Women and Money campaign, we’ve made a short video using findings from our latest Global Women and Money study* to highlight some of the financial challenges faced by women around the world.

We explore their experiences, looking at how to overcome the barriers standing between them and achieving greater financial independence. 

* Source: The Fidelity Global Women and Money Study, 2022. Data collection, research and analysis was completed in partnership with Opinium, a strategic insight agency. The study surveyed 14,052 respondents in the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. The UK specific findings are based on 2,010 responses. Data collection took place in January 2022.

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Get your individual financial wellness score for budgeting, savings, debt and protection to see where you're doing well and the areas you can work on.

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Get to know your goals

See how our simple rules of thumb can help you discover more about retirement.

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Insights from our experts

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Feel good about your finances

Our video shares bright ideas for financial wellness by exploring the four key areas of budgeting, debt, savings and protection to help improve your financial wellness.

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