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Workplace webinars

Join thousands of Fidelity members in attending our popular webinars designed to help you plan for the future and become more financially resilient. Whether you want to get more out of your workplace pension or simply understand the world of investing, our experts will give you the tools to develop better financial habits. Register for one of our upcoming live webinars below to get started.

If you can’t attend the live webinar, don’t worry, our webinars will be recorded and links will be available afterwards for you to watch at a time that works for you.

Principles for good investing

Want to make smarter investing decisions? Join this webinar where we'll explain Fidelity's five guidelines for good investing, including when to start, how to manage risk and how to make it last. 

13 June 2024
10am Teams registration 
1pm Zoom registration

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Past webinars



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Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing can be far more effective at reducing your carbon footprint than making lifestyle changes. We break down the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that can mean your investment has a positive impact, and share a look at the tools you can use online to measure it. 

23 June 2023


60 minute pension clinic

Want to know more about your pension but don’t know where to start? This session walks through the 7 questions you should ask yourself, and shares 2 secrets to successfully planning ahead.

18 Sept 2023


How to make the most of your tax allowances

Successful investors make the most of the tax reliefs available to them, and avoid the tax traps which can catch out the unsuspecting. In this webinar we outline the various tax allowances and limits that apply to your pension arrangements and explore how careful planning can give your retirement savings a boost.

13th Feb 2024


How do you balance saving for multiple goals?

Regular saving is a great habit to have, as it can provide you more options and flexibility in the future. We know that having saving goals increases commitment and improves self-control, but how do you balance saving for retirement while also preparing for life moments like buying a home or having children? Join this webinar to get a framework for your finances to help you plan ahead with confidence.

7th Mar 2024


Road to Retirement

Aimed at an audience aged 50 and older, this interactive session gives practical and relatable guidance around understanding what retirement could look like, and the steps you can take to plan ahead.​

1st May 2024 40:51