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Real people, real stories

We believe that you can learn a lot from other people’s experiences. So, we’ve spoken to real people who tell us, in their own words, how they are tackling the life and financial challenges they’re facing on the way to reaching their goals.

Laura R

See how Laura uses kindness to boost opportunities for herself and her team.

Melanie D

Discover how Melanie learnt to make her money work for her.

Nigel B

Hear Nigel’s top tip for making the most of your money and how he is making the most of his retirement.

Mark A

See how Mark is already preparing for a (hopefully) comfortable retirement.

Yewande O

Discover how diving in headfirst and aiming to swim has helped her in her career.

Alistair D

Find out how carving out ‘think’ time in his day helps him to keep well.

Ben M

Discover where Ben found practical tips & tricks for his retirement savings

Alison D

See how Alison’s simple but important career tip could help you

Stephen T

Find out how his ultimate money tip - keeping things simple - can help you